"Arlene Stock has hit on a real need in the musical life of our city by calling into being New York's only reading orchestra, The Classical Musicians' Rehearsal Symphony.  Her enthusiastic open invitation has drawn together serious amateur musicians eager for an opportunity to experience the great works of the symphonic repertory from the inside, under the skilled and supportive direction of Reuben Blundell."

"Thank you for reaching out to me.  I really enjoyed making music with the group last time.  I'm very excited about this group and it is amazing what you've done with it for only being around for 10 months.  The rehearsal space [The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, ed.] is amazing and quite a treat to play in.  I also love how you made the effort to have the pencils made.  I believe the little details like that will set this ensemble apart from others and make it unique.  As I told you last time, the Brahms symphonies are part of the reason why I chose to study music at college and fell in love with it when I was in elementary school, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to get to play through this cycle.  I look forward to all the music-making in the future and seeing the ensemble establish itself in New York."

"I had a wonderful time last night — everyone made me feel so welcome.  You are doing a great thing."  Dr. Lucinda Mermin

"Thanks for the opportunity to play these great works and under a fine conductor.  I really appreciate it."  Nancy B. Sherman

"It's a welcoming group of talented musicians getting together and playng just for the love of great music."

"Very fun.  Many more musicians showed up than I expected and everyone was quite skilled, so the rehearsal was very rewarding."

"Arlene — great job!  Very easy to fill out form from my iPhone and it looks great and functions beautifully.  Congratulations, Wonder Woman!"

"I've forwarded the information on to my email blast list and also posted it on Facebook.  Glad to see you are using The DiMenna Center — and what a wonderful repertoire!"

"Arlene, you are amazing.  I can't believe all the work you must put into organizing those rehearsals.  Thanks.  Great job."

"Please keep me on your mailing list for future notices...so that I can keep the possibility of attending in mind.  With thanks, and appreciation and admiration for your good efforts and energies in organizing this."

"The repertoire that has been selected is wonderful."

"I love this idea and hope you keep doing it."